Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The production group of Urom Chakavak started its production activities in the year 1364 with the construction and operation of broiler chicken farms, and since 1995, while maintaining broiler chicken units, in order to expand and increase the level of production activity in the establishment and operation of a unit of incubation plant The latest technology and advanced machinery, as well as in 2008, launched a poultry industrial slaughterhouse with the name of the Cooperative Slaughterhouse of Chicken Slaughterhouse with a capacity of 6000 pieces per hour. Finally, in 1394, to purchase a unit of production plant The feed and poultry, named after the Azerbaijan gold grain mill, are equipped with the latest technology and advanced machinery and fully automated with the latest technology is applied. 


Ghayebali QasemiCEO and member of board of directors
Maryam FatorachiChairman of the Board
Ali FareghiVice Chairman of the Board
Behnam Jafari YadegarlouManaging Director of Khosh Pokht

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