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The production group of Urom Chakavak started its production activities in the year 1364 with the construction and operation of broiler farms, and since 1995, while maintaining broiler chicken units, in order to expand and increase the level of production activity in the establishment and operation of a unit of incubation plant The latest technology and advanced machinery, as well as in 2008, launched a poultry industrial slaughterhouse with the name of the Cooperative Slaughterhouse of Chicken Slaughterhouse with a capacity of 6000 pieces per hour. Finally, in 1394, to buy a unit of production plant The feed of poultry and the name of the Azerbaijan gold grain mill, equipped with the latest technology and advanced machinery and fully automated with the latest technology is applied.

Slaughterhouse Slaughtering Company, which as the last of the chain of production and as the output of this company is at the forefront of public view, has managed to quickly manage the regional market and export with proper management and reliance on experienced and skilled personnel. Direct employment of 140 and indirectly 600 people will make a significant contribution to employment in the region.

The start-up of the company and the registration of the company was started in the year 85 and in the year 87, we started to set up facilities and buy the complete automatic devices. With the management of the complex, we managed to set up a collection in less than one year in 88 years. This set has been launched with the initial employment of 35 people in the year 88 and the progress of the complex has been so successful that, after 6 years of employment, 140 have reached a level, and in the last few years have made every effort to improve the quality of the products. Doing so much of the market inside and outside us and the amount of meat exports The frozen chicken of this company is to neighbor countries in such a way that we have been able to choose both the national superior co-operative as the top national export co-operative in the last two years, and this could not be achieved except in the spirit of the gods, perseverance and successful management And the dedicated and hard-working personnel, so from here, I thank and appreciate the efforts of the personnel and the whole complex of Urom Chakavak and the honorable administration of the cooperative of Naghadeh city, West Azarbaijan Province, and finally the Ministry of the Cooperative of the country.


Central Office of Urom Chakavak Production Group: Urmia - Ferdowsi Square - Poultry Complex - Unit 204

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