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Address of company offices

Head office of Urom Chakavak Production Group: Urmia Molavi 2 - Ferdowsi Square - Second Floor Poultry Farmers Complex Unit 204

Slaughterhouse of Khoshpokht Poultry: Urmia - 55 km of Urmia - Naghadeh

Farogh Dan factory: Urmia - km 17 of Salmas road

Eghlim Breeder Farm: Urmia Kilometers 12th Road of Mahabad

Behmorgh Breeder Farm: Urmia, km 10, Oshnavieh Road

Yashar Simorgh Breeder Farm: Urmia, km 10, Oshnavieh Road

Seporghan Broiler Farm Cooperative Company: Urmia, Shahid Kalantari Road

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Tel: +9844-35633468 -- +9844-35633463-7

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